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Suggested Sources Sheets

We often get asked "Where do I find that?" 

So to answer those questions, we've compiled these Suggested Sources Sheets for the things that are often needed in a veterinary hospital's safety program.  Some of the sheets are in Adobe PDF format so you must have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or print the sheets.   Some files are in Microsoft Word format so you must have a compatible word processor to view or edit these files.

NEW-Sample Employee Safety Training Record (in MS Word Format)
Sample Monthly Safety Equipment Checklist (in MS Word format)
New-Staff Safety Training Needs Assessment (in MS Word format)
DEA Reverse Distributors
DEA Employee Screening Questionnaire (in MS Word format)
Chemotherapy waste bags and products
Exposure badges for waste anesthetic gasses
Exposure badges for formalin and formaldehyde exposure testing

Eyewash devices suitable for the low hazard environment of the veterinary practice
Formalin in small, pre-filled jars

Hearing Protection (ear plugs)
Keyless locks for staff entrance doors
Keyless locks for Drug Cabinets
Lockers for securing the staff's personal effects
Mercury spill clean-up kit suitable for thermometers
Monitoring services for radiation badges
An easy to build holder for small Oxygen tanks



Did You Know...

OSHA does not "certify" or "approve" any devices or equipment.  Companies that purport to have "OSHA Certified" or "OSHA Approved" items probably mean that they believe their products will meet OSHA's rules.  However, there is no guarantee that such products will be applicable for specific situations.  It is the employer's responsibility to choose devices that are applicable to both the rules and to their unique workplace.