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The Complete Veterinary Practice Controlling Controlled Drug Manual - NOW SHIPPING!.

Our newest addition to the Complete Veterinary Practice series! - The Complete Veterinary Practice Controlling Controlled Drugs Manual is the definitive resource to explain the rules that veterinarians and practices must follow in order to conduct controlled drug operations. This new guide includes extensive explanations on the rules regarding registration, security and recordkeeping, including correcting mistakes on logs! We also explain the acceptable methods to dispose of controlled drugs and what to do when shortages or thefts occur. We even explain how to handle relief veterinarians and what needs to be done when the registered veterinarian leaves the practice.

Only $65.00! As an added bonus, we’ve also included an appendix with customizable logs and forms in Microsoft Word format so that you can design your program to fit your needs!

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 The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual (6th Edition)

The Complete Veterinary Practice Regulatory Compliance Manual (6th Edition)Veterinary hospitals in the United States have many rules and regulations placed upon them by regulatory agencies. This manual is designed to be a reference tool for the practitioner to create awareness of the requirement and to provide practical methods of complying with the rules.Finally, a comprehensive, easy to use, guide written specifically for the veterinary practice.This is not just an OSHA manual - it is an easily understood, practical guide to many of the regulatory rules that affect your business. Most of these rules are simple to accomplish, provided you know about them!OSHA, DEA, FDA, INS, DOL, and many other regulatory agencies are covered!

New in the 6th Edition:

  • Expanded Hazard Communication Standard section to explain how the GHS rules apply to veterinary practices
  • New laser safety section
  • New compounding medications section
  • Updated and expanded controlled drug section
  • New section explaining the The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (new hire reporting rules)
  • New Drug Free Workplace program section
  • Updated INS Form 9 rules
  • Updated and expanded fill-in-the-blank templates for safety policies
  • Much, much more!

Includes access to fill-in-the-blank forms and templates to help you get into compliance faster!

Still only $72.00!  (Automatically includes a copy of the Safety Issues for the Veterinary Hospital Staff workbook with each manual order).

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Safety Issues for the Veterinary Hospital Staff (6th Edition)

Safety Issues for the Veterinary Hospital Staff (6th Edition)One of the most difficult problems facing the veterinary hospital administrator is timely training of staff members to meet OSHA’s requirements. This self-study workbook is the answer.

In this workbook, we cover more than just the Hazard Chemical Standard.  For the entire staff, we explain fire safety, ergonomics, electrical do's and don'ts and even personal safety and security.  For the medical staff, we discuss animal handling, zoonotic disease prevention, radiation and anesthetic safety, personal hygiene and infection control procedures and much more.

This workbook is the perfect way to inform staff members of the hazards they face and have them take responsibility for ensuring they stay safe. It is the most comprehensive veterinary-specific, safety training tool available today.

It even includes a self-assessment test that may be used as evidence of the staff member’s training!  At just $6.00 each (plus shipping), you can afford one for each staff member!

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The Veterinary Safety & Health Digest Newsletter

The Veterinary Safety & Health Digest NewsletterMany of the safety challenges we face are very different from those in human hospitals, dentists’ offices and industrial factories.

The Veterinary Safety & Health Digest is a bimonthly newsletter specifically for the veterinary profession. Every two months you'll get a  new issue - 12 full pages concentrating on one area of hospital safety with a special emphasis on understanding and following OSHA’s rules.

We'll provide a background to the problem, tell you what the rules are, and provide practical methods for complying with the rules.

Written by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals, this newsletter is a “must have” for every practice administrator.

A full year's subscription (6 issues) is only $39.50!  Note: we will remove the shipping charge when we process your order if there is only a subscription on that order.

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Suscriptions to The Veterinary Safety & Health Digest are not assessed a separate shipping charge?  If you are only ordering a newsletter subscription and no other publications, we'll subtract the shipping charge when we process the order.