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Veterinary-Specific Hazard Materials Labels

Since we found it impossible to find veterinary-specific hazard materials secondary container labels, we decided to make them ourselves!

 We have sheets of "already-filled-out" labels for many common veterinary chemicals as well as "blanks" so you can fill in the information for your own chemical.  Many product names on this page are trademarked by the owners of the products.  We do not sell any of these products, but offer these labels as a convenience for the practice safety officer.

And now all of our labels are printed on WATERPROOF vinyl instead of paper so they last longer!

Special Web Order Bonus!!!!!

Your first web order for our labels will include a FREE laminated guide poster and a tip sheet for keeping the labeling program up to date.

(This free guide offer requires the purchase of at least one sheet of our HMIG labels.  Orders exclusively for other publications not including labels, do not qualify for the free guide offer. We automatically include the poster on initial orders so you don't have to add it to your shopping cart, we'll take care of it!)

Our preprinted HMIG labels are small enough for any container (1 x 25/8), come 30 labels to a sheet and are only $7 per sheet.

Example of our Fill-in-the-Blank Labels
Example of our Fill-in-the-Blank labels
Example of our already filled out labels
Example of our Already-Filled-Out Labels

Add to Cart - $7.00 Fill-in the Blank  
Add to Cart - $7.00  Disinfectant Pack (10 labels each of Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Diluted Bleach) Add to Cart - $7.00  Lab Pack (3 sets of labels for Dip Quick Stain Set, 6 labels for Fecal Flotation Solution, 3 labels for Immersion Oil, and 12 labels for Formalin)
Add to Cart - $7.00  Accel Add to Cart - $7.00  Benzall
Add to Cart - $7.00  Betadine Scrub Add to Cart - $7.00  Betadine Solution
Add to Cart - $7.00  Blade Wash Add to Cart - $7.00  Bleach (Dilute)
Add to Cart - $7.00  Cetylcide Add to Cart - $7.00  ChlorhexiDerm Scrub
Add to Cart - $7.00  ChlorhexiDerm Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  Chlorhexidine Scrub
Add to Cart - $7.00  Chlorhexidine Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  Chloroxylenol Scrub
Add to Cart - $7.00  Cidex Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  D-128
Add to Cart -$7.00  D-256 Add to Cart - $7.00  Dawn Dish Detergent
Add to Cart - $7.00  Dial Hand Soap Add to Cart - $7.00  Dip Quick Stain Set
Add to Cart - $7.00  Fecal Flotation Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  Formalin
Add to Cart - $7.00  Gram Stain Set Add to Cart - $7.00  Hydrogen Peroxide
Add to Cart - $7.00  Immersion Oil Add to Cart - $7.00  Intervention Farm Animal Care -NEW
Add to Cart - $7.00  Isopropyl Alcohol Add to Cart - $7.00  Kennel Kare
Add to Cart - $7.00  KennelSol Add to Cart - $7.00  Mineral Oil
Add to Cart - $7.00  New Methylene Blue Stain Add to Cart - $7.00  Nolvasan Scrub
Add to Cart - $7.00  Nolvasan Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  Odoban
Add to Cart - $7.00  Oxivir Five 16 Add to Cart - $7.00  ParvoClear
Add to Cart - $7.00  Parvosol Add to Cart - $7.00  Parv-O-Way
Add to Cart - $7.00  Povidone Iodine Scrub Add to Cart - $7.00  Povidone Iodine Solution
  Add to Cart - $7.00  Pyrantel Pamoate
Add to Cart - $7.00  ResCue Hard Surface Cleaner -NEW Add to Cart - $7.00  Roccal-D Plus
Add to Cart - $7.00  Sheathers Solution Add to Cart - $7.00  Surgical Instrument Cleaner
Add to Cart - $7.00  Surgical Instrument Milk Add to Cart - $7.00  Surgical Scrub & Handwash
Add to Cart - $7.00  Trifectant Add to Cart - $7.00  Triple Two
Add to Cart - $7.00  Virkon-S Add to Cart - $7.00  Wavicide
Add to Cart - $7.00  Windex Add to Cart - $7.00  WYSIWash

Did You Know...

In early 2012 OSHA issued their final rule updating the Hazard Communication Standard to adopt the United Nations protocols for hazardous materials handling.  Two parts of the GHS rules will likely impact the American (and soon the Canadian) veterinary practices.  Click here to view OSHA's information page for the new rules.

In the initial information presented by OSHA it appeared that all labels for chemical products would be required to adopt the very stringent GHS pictograms, product identifier, signal word, hazard statements and precautionary phrases. In recent information (bottom of page 4), OSHA has clarified that part of the regulation to emphasize the GHS label rules apply only to manufacturer’s product and shipping labels. OSHA has not changed the WORKPLACE or secondary container label rules. Employers such as veterinary practices are still free to use secondary container labels in any style or size as long as they convey the appropriate information and do not conflict or confuse the GHS pictograms or signal words.

Secondary container labels such as those sold by SafetyVet are based on the Hazard Materials Information System (HMIS) and are designed to provide written and visual information to the reader about the product and its hazards. The HMIS style of label has been successfully used in workplaces world-wide for over 30 years and is still recognized as an effective method of communicating product hazards to workers. Although the labels will probably undergo a cosmetic upgrade in coming months, they are still compliant with the employer’s responsibilities under the revised HCS.

You can continue to use the HMIG style of labels with confidence!