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Is there a Canadian equivalent of OSHA?

Yes.  Basic safety principles in the workplace are relevant no matter which country you're in, and of course, governmental agencies rely on the same research and statistics when formulating rules for their respective jurisdictions.  Much of the information contained in this site and the accompanying printed resources can be directly applied to veterinary practices in Canada.  For additional information about Labour Canada's safety rules for the workplace, visit the Canadian OSH Web Site by clicking on the icon below.

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Did You Know...?

In Canada, the hazardous chemical safety program is known as WHMIS.  That stands for Workplace Hazardous Material Information System.  WHMIS is a comprehensive system for providing information on the safe use of hazardous products in Canadian workplaces, via product labels, (M)SDSs ((material) safety data sheets, and worker education and training programs.

WHMIS is changing to incorporate the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (or GHS) for workplace chemicals.

A multi-year transition plan has been announced. By May 31, 2017, suppliers of chemical products must update primary product labels and safety data sheets.  Employers are required to update their training programs and SDS libraries as the documents become available.