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COVID-19 in the Veterinary Workplace

FAQ from OSHA on the use of face masks in the workplace - Including respirators!

Click Here To Read Special Information from OSHA About COVID-19

Click here to view a poster from OSHA explaining the four different levels of risk to American workers.

Click here to view some very useful posters and handouts from the CDC that you can use to educate your staff and clients

Click here to view the AAHA Coronavirus Guide

The Department of Labor now requires all private sector employers with fewer than 500 employees to post this notice in a conspicuous place on the premises or by mailing or e-mailing it to employees by April 1, 2020.  It must remain in place until the end of the year.



Did You Know...?

Cloth face coverings are not an acceptable substitute for NIOSH compliant respirators and they require regular cleaning to prevent illness from an accumulation of sweat, saliva, respiratory particles and outside contaminants.